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CATNUM Artist Title Description Media PICTURE SerialNum Price Category Type
CD688   GILBERT & SULLIVAN Highlights THE MIKADO; THE GONDOLIERS; IOLANTHE; THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE; HMS PINAFORE. Glyndebourne Festival Chorus. Pro Arte Orchestra cond. Sir Malcolm Sargent. Elsie Morison, Jeanette Sinclair, Edna Graham, Monica Sinclair, Marjorie Thomas, Richard Lewis, Alexander Young, George Baker, John Cameron, Owen Brannigan, Sir Geraint Evans, James Milligan, Ian Wallace.EMI CLASSICS WHS 5 68398 2 (1994)     EMI CLASSICS WHS 5 68398 2 £8.00   CD
CD62   THE MIKADO (1936) D'Oyly Carte Opera Company, cond. I. Godfrey. Arabesque Recordings Z8051-2 (USA 1980/1986/1995) 2 Compact Discs in case with notes by Reginald Allen       £12.00   RECORDING
RECO717   THE MIKADO Vol.III A MORE HUMANE MIKADO (Darrell Fancourt), THE FLOWERS THAT BLOOM IN THE SPRING (Leonard Osborn, Martyn Green), TIT WILLOW (Martyn Green), FOR HE'S GONE AND MARRIED YUM YUM (Joan Gillingham, Martyn Green, Margaret Mitchell, Leonard Osborn). The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company cond. Isidore Godfrey Extended-play   REP 8012 (1950) MONO £10.00   RECORDING
CD683 D'Oyly Carte Opera Company THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE Highlights D'Oyly Carte Opera Company cond. John Pryce-Jones. Cast: Malcolm Rivers, Gareth Jones, Philip Creasy, Eric Roberts, Simon Masterton Smith, Marilyn Hill Smith, Pauline Birchall, Patricia Cameron, Juliet Arthur, Susan Gorton. Jay Productions (1989/94) 340 262     340 262 £10.00   CD
CD728 GILBERT & SULLIVAN GILBERT & SULLIVAN FAVOURITES Hts GN/ PP/ PF/ MK. London Concert Orch. cond. Marcus DodDs. Cast: Marion Studholme, Jean Allister, Edmund Bohan, Ian Wallace. English Chorale. Hallmark Classics 350052 (1991)       £4.00   CD
CD726 GILBERT & SULLIVAN THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD Highlights Chorus and Orch. of the DC OC cond. John Owen Edwards. Cast: Donald Maxwell, David Fieldsend, Jill Pert, Carol Lesley-Green, Fenton Gray, Lesley Echo Ross, Gary Montaine, Terence Sharpe, Julian Jenson, Janine Roebuck. Jay Productions 340 312 (1989/94). Notes by Arthur Jacobs       £6.00   CD
LP671 GILBERT, W.S. & SULLIVAN, Arthur RUDDIGORE (1924) The Light Opera Orch. and a DC Chorus of 12 unspecified singers (3 of each voice) cond. Harry Norris. Cast: George Baker, Derek Oldham, Leo Sheffield, Edward Halland, Darrell Fancourt, Elsie Griffin, Bertha Lewis, Eileen Sharp. Pearl Gem 133/4 wallet, VG   GEM 133/4 £30.00   RECORDING
LP672 GILBERT, W.S. & SULLIVAN, Arthur THE GONDOLIERS (1927 Recording HMV D.1334-45 Electric) Under the direction of Rupert D'Oyly Carte. Cond. Harry Norris. Cast: Henry Lytton, Winifred Lawson, Derek Oldham, Aileen Davies, Leo Sheffield, Bertha Lewis, George Baker, Mavis Bennett, Arthur Hosking, Ronald Stear, Richard Walker, Herbert Aitken, Beatrice Elburn, Sybil Gordon, Gwladys Gowrie, Doris Hemingway. Pearl GEM 141/2 Mono     GEM 141/2 £30.00    
LP109 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Royston Nash TRIAL BY JURY. Centenary Recording. Overture MACBETH & Incidental Music to Shakespeare's HENRY VIII (1975) Royal Phil.Orchestra Cond. Royston Nash. Cast: John Reed, Michael Rayner, Colin Wright, John Ayldon, Kenneth Sandford, Julia Goss     Decca TXS 113 stereo (1975) £15.00 GANDS RECORDING
CD63 SULLIVAN, Arthur GILBERT & SULLIVAN Orchestral Selections Excerpts from THE GONDOLIERS, THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD, H.M.S. PINAFORE, PRINCESS IDA, IOLANTHE, THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE, THE MIKADO, PATIENCE. Court Symphony Orchestra, cond. Albert W. Ketelbey. Pickwick 790662 IMP Classics (2004) (discs supplied from the Collection of Christopher Browne) (original GN 979/ YG 984/ PF 986/ PI 987/ IO 992/ PP 993/ MK 994/ PC 997 Columbia Records Masterworks 8 records (1924))       £7.00 GANDS CD
LP178 SULLIVAN, Arthur PINEAPPLE POLL BALLET SUITE (arranged by Charles MacKerras) Pro Arte Orch. Cond. John Hollingsworth GSGC 15023 stereo (1958) Pye Collector. Re-issue: with photo. of BOUNTY on sleeve     GSGC 15023 £10.00   RECORDING
CD681 SULLIVAN, Arthur TE DEUM (1872) TE DEUM (1872) Teresa Cahill (soprano), Margaret Phillips (organ); London Choral Society, BBC Concert Orchestra cond. Ronald Corp recorded 8 Dec. 1988 (with MACBETH Overture BBC SO cond. Charles Mackerras recorded live at the Proms 24 July 2000/ CELLO CONCERTO - Paul Watkins (cello) recorded 15 May 2000; BBC SO cond. Mackerras). BBC MM203 ADD/DDD stereo (P) & (C) 2001 BBC Vol.9 No.7     BBC MM203 £10.00   CD
CD734 SULLIVAN, Arthur & GILBERT, W.S. IOLANTHE HIGHLIGHTS DC Opera Co. cond. John Pryce-Jones Cast: Richard Suart, Lawrence Richard, Philip Creasy, John Rath, Philip Blake-Jones, Jill Pert, Regina Hanley, Yvonne Patrick, Madeleine Mitchell, Louise Owen, Elizabeth Woollett. Jay Productions (1991) Koch International 340 282 (1986/1994) 44:47       £6.00 secondhand   CD
LP73b The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE (1958) The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company with Chorus and the New Symphony Orchestra cond. Isidore Godfrey. Recorded under the direction of Bridget D'Oyly Carte. Cast: Peter Pratt, Donald Adams, Howard Short, Thomas Round, Kenneth Sandford, Jean Hindmarsh, Beryl Dixon, Marion Martin, Ann Drummond-Grant automatic couplings   SKL stereo 4038/9 (1958) (b)£25.00 scarce   RECORDING
LP94 The G&S Festival Orchestra cond. Peter Murray SULLIVAN. The G&S Festival Orchestra cond. Peter Murray SULLIVAN.
The Grand Duke; Ivanhoe; The Yeomen of the Guard ( 3 lost songs);
The Rose of Persia; He will Return from The Contrabandista. Donald Adams, Thomas Round, John Cartier, Sylvia Eaves, Helen Landis. The G&S Festival Orchestra Cond Peter Murray. Songs (Let Me Dream Again; O Mistress Mine; The Long Day Closes; Mary Morison; Sweet Day, So Cool; The Troubadour) accompanied by John Burrows. Pearl stereo SHE 509 (1972)
scarce   SHE 509 (1972) £25.00 scarce GANDS RECORDING
Search on : 'COND.' . 15 entries found in GANDSRECORDINGS

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