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CATNUM Author Title Description Comment PICTURE ISBN Price Category Type
BOOK593   PLAY PICTORIAL : RED CLOTH worn and dull, some spine edges splitting, ow contents good PLAY PICTORIAL 3-4 Vol. III No. XIII August 1903 pp1-26 "Old Heidelberg"; Vol. III. No. XIV. pp27-54 "The Medal and the Maid"; Vol. III. No. XV. pp55-86 "A Chinese Honeymoon"; Vol. III. No. XVI. pp87-102 Part I.- "Cousin Kate"; pp103-118 Part II.- "The Cardinal"; Vol. III. No. XV11. pp119-144 "Billy's Little Love Affair"; Vol. III. No. XVIII. pp125-170 "The Duchess of Dantzic" (with real photographs tipped into a sugarpaper mount : Miss Evie Greene; Holbrrok Blinn; Miss Adrienne Augarde); Vol. IV. No. XIX pp1- 28 "The Orchid"; Vol. IV. No. XX. pp27-51 "The Cricket on the Hearth"; Vol. IV. No. XXI. pp55-82 "The Earl and the Girl"; Vol. IV. No. XXII pp81-112 "The Orchid" (Part II); Vol. IV. No. XXIII. p113-144 "The Prince of Pilsen"; Vol. IV. No. XXIV. pp145- 176 "THE FAIRY'S DILEMMA" by W.S. Gilbert (spine edges splitting) @ £25.00
PLAY PICTORIAL 8-9 : VOLUME EIGHT (1906) (with Index to Characters) Vol. VIII. No. 46 pp1-28 THE FASCINATING MR. VANDERVELDT; Vol. VIII. No.47 pp29-56 THE GIRL BEHIND THE COLUNTER; Vol. VIII. No.48 pp57-84 HIS HOUSE IN ORDER; Vol. VIII. No.49 pp85-112 SEE-SEE; Vol. VIII. No. 50. pp113-140 TRISTRAM AND ISEULT; Vol. VIII. No. 51 pp141-168 THE WINTER'S TALE. VOLUME NINE (1907) (with Index to Characters) Vol. IX. No. 52 pp169-196 THE MERVEILLEUSES (with colour plate); Vol. IX. No. 53 pp197-224 THE NEW ALADDIN; Vol. IX. No. 54 pp225-252 ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA (with colour plate); Vol. IX. No. 55 pp253-280 WHEN KNIGHTS WERE BOLD; Vol. IX. N.56 pp281-308 MISS HOOK OF HOLLAND; Vol. IX. No.57 pp309-332 MY DARLING (with Henry A. Lytton) (spine edges splitting) @ £20.00
PLAY PICTORIAL 10-11 : Vol.X No.58 pp1-164 (with Index to Characters) (1907) TOM JONES; THE GIRLS OF GOTTENBERG; THE TRUTH; THE MERRY WIDOW; BERNARD SHAW PLAYS; THE GAY GORDONS. Vol.XI No.64 pp1-84 (with Index to Characters) (1908) MRS WIGGS OF THE CABBAGE PATCH; THE CHRISTIAN; A WHITE MAN; THE THIEF; "MATT" OF MERRYMOUNT; A WALTZ DREAM (spine edges splitting) @ £15.00
      £15.00-£25.00 EACH GANDS BOOK
BKS123 PEARSON, Hesketh PEARSON, Hesketh. LIVES OF THE WITS : Swift; Johnson; Sheridan; Smith; Disraeli; Labouchere; Whistler; WSG; Tree; Wilde; Shaw; Belloc; Beerbohm; Chesterton. Harper & Row, N.Y. (1962 1st ed.) pp334 d/w         £25.00 GANDS BOOK
BOOK512 SHAW, Bernard OUR THEATRES IN THE NINETIES in Three Volumes Constable and Company. Revised and reprinted for this Standard Edition, 1932. Reprinted 1948
Volume I pp288
Volume II pp292
Volume III pp420 (Index pp387-420). Buff cloth, VG clean set
Many G&S references     £30.00 GANDS BOOK
BKS143X SHAW, Bernard SHAW, Bernard. MUSIC IN LONDON 1890-94 in Three Volumes. Constable and Company Volume I Revised and reprinted for this Standard Edition, 1932 pp302 t.e.g.
Volume II 1932/ Reprinted 1949 pp325
Volume III 1932/ Reprinted 1950 pp320 (Index pp287-320)
Many G&S references
Buff cloth, gilt lettering, all volumes VG       £30.00 GANDS BOOK
Search on : 'SHAW' . 4 entries found in GANDSBOOKS

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